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Father and Son Breakfast Time Partners in Wellness. Long Term Weight Control. LTWC Program.

Long Term Weight Control 

LTWC Program

The Behavioral Weight Loss program is a cognitive-behavioral based approach to long term weight control. This program is appropriate for clients that have a history of dieting, over-eating and/or binge eating and have tried other approaches to weight loss but have not been able to sustain the weight loss over time.


The focus of the treatment is to challenge the underlying rules and assumptions that perpetuate the dieting (calorie restriction and overeating) cycle that leads to cumulative weight gain over time. Clients work to shift their focus from a "lose weight so I can be happy" mentality to a "starting living life and lose weight" mentality in order to improve their quality of life and broaden their focus.


Clients are taught to identify the thoughts, emotions, behaviors and tendencies that lead to overeating and replace them with more neutral or positive habits. The treatment uses a harm reduction and compassionate approach to life change. Clients have the option of completing the program in a group or individual approach.


Therapists offer a 30-minute consultation at no charge for clients that are interested in this program.

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