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Groups & Classes

Behavior Therapy Anxiety Group


This group is designed for adults suffering from many forms of anxiety, including social anxiety, generalized anxiety, OCD, PTSD and specific phobias. Whether you are new to therapy or have not benefitted from talk therapy or other therapy approaches, this group might be for you. We will focus on practical, goal-oriented strategies to stop anxiety from interfering with your quality of life... now. For more details, contact Cullan May at or 314-736-5446. 

Radically Open-DBT Class


RO-DBT is an appropriate treatment for clients with rigid or perfectionist thinking patterns that interfere with their overall happiness and quality of life. Those who have been successful in many areas of life but, despite their best efforts, find themselves on the outside looking in or feeling disconnected from important relationships, may benefit from RO-DBT. We offer separate young adult and adolescent classes.  For more details, contact Cherie Massmann at or 314-736-5446.

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