Caregiver Workshop

Navigating Your Child's

Recovery from an Eating Disorder

Eating Disorders disrupt a child’s body, mind, and spirit, limiting their ability to function and stealing their joy. Eating disorders can also bring great chaos to families, whether it be at the dinner table or between spouses behind closed doors. Helping someone recover requires an understanding of how eating disorders operate, practical skills training and high doses of love and compassion. We are here to help.


As Certified Family Based Treatment providers, we have found through research and experience that EATING DISORDERS ARE TREATABLE! We have worked with hundreds of families just like yours to guide  parents as they restore their child’s health.


Our philosophy:

  • We know parents do not cause eating disorders.

  • We honor and encourage active parental involvement in the  treatment of their child.

  • We know early, intense intervention produces quicker, longer  lasting recovery.

  • We believe in taking action now; the clock is ticking.

"This is a fantastic workshop and every parent (with a child) with an eating disorder should attend!"

                                  - Parent who attended workshop, 2021

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