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Top therapy for eating disorders, OCD and Anxiety A list

About Us

Partners in Wellness was founded on a shared passion for providing quality, evidence-based treatment for eating disorders. Our values of continued learning, creativity and family (yours and ours) have shaped our practice and guided its growth.

As our eating disorder practice evolved, we observed a high need for treating co-occurring issues like over-control, perfectionism, and anxiety. Returning to our values, we sought trainings and clinicians who could help us better serve our clients. A few years later, we now have four highly qualified specialists on our team to do just that.

At Partners in Wellness, we embrace teamwork with families and our colleagues in the community, and believe the best care is achieved with collaboration and communication. Through our caregiver workshops, professional trainings, and graduate level courses, we place a high value on educating others so they can turn that knowledge into healing.

We understand this is not just about recovering from a debilitating anxiety or eating disorder; it’s about reclaiming your life. We are here for the struggle. We are here for the success. We are here for it all.


Partners in Wellness, partnering with you.


Counselors for eating disorders, anxiety and OCD

Our Team

About Us
Our Team

What We Treat

Partners in Wellness is dedicated to providing quality, evidence-based care for those suffering from eating disorders, OCD, anxiety and depression.

Eating Disorders & Body Image

OCD and Other Anxiety Disorders

Excessive Self-control/



Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

Success Stories

How We Are Helping

"As someone who has been in therapy for over 11 years consecutively, I have tried many different modes of therapy and none of them really clicked until last year when I started RO DBT. The amount of progress I have made in a short period of time is really motivating and a bit hard to believe. Now, I can see a future that I want to be a part of and be proud of. I am so grateful that my therapist is showing me a skillset and path that works well for me."

- Client at Partner in Wellness

“Over the past several years the experts at Partners in Wellness have been close collaborators with us in the Adolescent Center for the successful treatment of teens with eating disorders. When I refer my patients to Partners in Wellness I know that they will receive evidence-based, professional, and compassionate care.  Most important, with family based treatment, I know that they will have the greatest chance for recovery.”

- Sarah Garwood MD

  Washington University
  Associate Professor of Pediatrics

  Division of Adolescent Medicine

“It is so refreshing to find people who are positive about the challenges that we face after finding out our daughter has anorexia.  Laura and Cherie have a broad understanding of eating disorders and have been able to interweave humor and honesty to provide us the tools, skills and resources we need to support our daughter on her journey toward recovery.”

- Parent who attended 2021 workshop 

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24 South Gore
St. Louis, Missouri 63119 

Tel: 314-736-5446 \\ Fax: 314-736-5744


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Partners in Wellness in St. Louis providers therapy and counseling for eating disorders and anxiety
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